We put at your disposal the most competent and prepared counselors and directors


The Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, via the Observatori Dona, Empresa i Economia (Women, Business and Economy Observatory), has put forward this initiative, with the aim is to offering organisations the opportunity to integrate the most competent female professionals into their Boards of Directors.

With this goal in mind, we have made available to companies a database which allows them to make a first assessment of the abilities held by the candidates for board member and directive positions, through competency-based CVs . You will therefore be able to make a pre-selection, choosing the best-suited candidates, based on their abilities and the Career Profile of the Female Board member or Executive,  according to your needs.

This institution is aware of the difficulties that organisations currently face in terms of ensuring both viability and a balanced and sustainable life cycle. For this reason, it focuses on providing innovative tools and solutions that allow organisations to adequately respond to the challenges they will face in the future..

Some of these challenges, such as the need to stand out in an increasingly competitive environment, to adapt more quickly to a constantly changing medium, to seize the opportunities provided by globalisation and information and communication technologies, among others, compel organisations to adopt new values and behaviours.

The result of the study The Career Profile of the Female Board Member bring to attention a series of key factors necessary to consolidate an organisation and its growth. The first factor is the need for personnel to bring into play a wide range of competencies, so as to make up an integrated whole comprising knowledge, skills, aptitudes and attitudes. Secondly, a series of cross-disciplinary competencies are to be taken into account, as they are essential in the Knowledge economy. These aptitudes include creativity, innovation, initiative, adaptability, strategic vision, communication, interpersonal relationships, etc.

Lastly, it is essencial for all team members should be aligned with the organisation’s mission, vision, goals and values and feel sufficiently committed and motivated to contribute all their talent.

Consequently, the Competency-based personnel management model provides the best rates of success in this new context. In the first place, because it allows organisations to adapt the skills and abilities at their disposal to their strategy. In the second place, because it provides them with a clear vision of the knowledge capital available. In short, it is a system that allows people and their skill-related value to be placed at the heart of organisations’ activities. People are valued based on what they know, what they are able to do and what they want to do. It is therefore the management system that can achieve the highest degree of efficiency and efficacy.