Why is it necessary?

The widespread participation of the most well-prepared women in history in decision-making bodies is necessary for enterprises, for society and for the women themselves

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Women are currently more well prepared than ever before, yet despite having the best academic records, they do not attain high-level executive positions or gain access to boards of directors. This is not only due to maternity and the way society is organised-making it incompatible-, but mostly because of the existence of a glass ceiling which is the product of an obsolete corporate culture that doesn’t adhere to advancement criteria based on real merit.

It is necessary to renovate boards of directors and executive staff, not only on the grounds of justice and equality, but as a matter of efficiency, efficacy, economic profitability and values.

Companies with more women among their executive teams achieve better economic results because women are very good managers, and very far-sighted. At the same time, they contribute relationship, cooperation and collaboration.

  • Companies need to recruit new competency profiles into their executive teams: skills in communication, human relations and empathy, collaboration, adaptability and flexibility. People capable of directing and organising teams through collaboration and cooperation, which are essentially female attributes.
  • Society needs new leadership that is in tune with “feminine features” such as tolerance, mediation, ethics, respect and peace.
  • Women can do it if we want to. We need courage, self-esteem, and to be able to find the support we need within ourselves. 
  • We need new ways of doing things, and these happen to be the way women have already been doing things, privately, throughout history. Now society needs to learn these lessons, based on creation, understanding, communication and solidarity in the benefit of society and human evolution.