Professional profile registration process: method

The professional profile registration system is based on the theory and methodology set out in the Methodology section.

The following information is requested during this process:

  1. Concerning activities carried out and functions performed throughout one’s life, in both formal domains (academic career, professional/corporate experience) and informal one (personal and social experience).
  2. Concerning skills acquired throughout one’s life, in both formal and informal domains, stemming from th development of the functions and activities previously mentioned.
  3. Concerning preferences connected to the sectors where one might be able to/want to apply her acquired skills, as well as the type of companies where she might want to become a board member or executive and her geographic mobility.

In point 2, the intention is to identify one’s own skill-sets, using the reference Competency Map for a female board member  as an example. The following is requested in this part of the process:

  1. Identify the name or tag of the skill and the level attained, following the classification and the level index. The definition of each skill is laid out in this section.
  2. Provide proof and/or evidence that proves the skills identified in section A). This section contains examples which offer guidance in proving each skill.
  3. Supporting the veracity and relevance of the proof provided in section B), attaching the necessary resources (documents, links, videos, etc.). In this section there is an extensive collection of resources that exemplify the kind of material that can be provided for each skill.
  4. Documentation that can be provided to support one’s candidature: One or several of recommendation letters and a cover letter, where the candidate must explain the interests and motives behind her candidature.

Once the profile registration has been completed, candidates will be able to obtain a copy of their Competency-based CV, and from there, continue the evaluation process, which entails the following steps:

  • Conducting an interview, with the aim of verifying and evaluating all the information provided by the candidate. The interview will take place in the 30 days following the submission of the information entered in the platform.
  • Carrying out a series of activities aimed at complementing the candidate’s skill evaluation. The purpose is to provide proof of key skills that were not sufficiently validated during the registration process or the interview.