Would you like to be a Board Member?

Get acquainted with those companies that want to incorporate the most competent counselors and directors

Vols ser Consellera?

The Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, ​​through the Women, Business and Economy Observatory, has launched this initiative with the aim of attracting women who wish to be counselors and, at the same time, offer organizations the opportunity to integrate their own Management advice with the most competent professionals.

With this service you will become part of a database that will be available to all organizations that want to incorporate a counselor in their governing bodies. You will also have the opportunity to obtain your professional profile and your CV for competencies, a tool that will be very useful for achieving the goals of your professional project.

The counselor is the person in charge of ensuring the proper functioning of an organization and for the social interest.

Their main functions are focused on the company’s strategic plan and the supervision and control of all aspects of a strategic nature and/or that are considered relevant to the good performance of the company: such as the approval of the general budget or Policy orientation, among others.

Taking as reference the results of the study promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, ​​The Professional Profile of Counselor, it can be verified that the scope of their functions depends on the mission of each organization.

In this sense, when the mission is oriented towards the whole organization and towards social interests, the level of functions required is greater. According to the study, this would be due to the fact that these organizations require an involvement and a commitment on the part of all the members of the board, much higher than those organizations more oriented towards economic and financial results and property interests.

Consequently, the scope of the functions of the counselor will determine the type and level of competencies required and, therefore, the integrated set of knowledge, abilities, aptitudes and attitudes necessary for the optimum performance of its activity.

The methodology proposed in the process of attracting candidates to be part of this database seeks to find the maximum match between the competency capital of the candidates and the competential requirements of the Profile of a Reference Adviser obtained in the study.

In order to make this possible, the process that we propose consists, mainly, in identifying and reflecting all the capital competences, taking as a reference the profile of the councilor based on the methodological foundations of the ISFOL Competence Model.