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Vols ser Directiva?

The Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, via the Observatori Dona, Empresa i Economia (Women, Business and Economy Observatory), has put forward this initiative with the aim of recruiting women who want to hold executive positions, while at the same time offering organisations the opportunity to integrate the most competent professionals into executive positions.

Using this service, you will be added to a database that we will make available to all organisations who want to incorporate women executives into their executive bodies. You will also have the opportunity to obtain your professional profile and a competency-base CV, a very useful tool in terms of achieving your professional goals and developing your projects.

The mission of an executive director or CEO1, in a broad sense, is to direct and/or manage a specific organisation or activity or operational area. His/her responsibilities and duties will therefore vary depending on the positions he/she holds. In this sense, there are different levels of executives, ranging from the highest level – full authority over the management and executive administration of an organisation- , to lower levels, involving responsibility connected to specific operational or functional areas.

Consequently, the reach of board members’ duties will determine the type and level of skills required, and therefore, the entire set of knowledge, abilities, aptitudes and attitudes needed to successfully carry out their job.

The methodology proposed for gaining candidates for the database is intended to achieve the best possible fit between the skills held by candidates and the abilities required by the ideal  Female Executive Profile obtained from the study.

This Executive Profile has been created based on results from the study promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, Career Profile of the Female Board Member, as well as other works carried out in this field2, based on ISFOL’s Competency map.

In order to make it possible, the process that we propose involves identifying and displaying skill-sets available, based on the reference Executive profile.


1 The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is an expressions mainly used in English-speaking countries to designate the person with the highest level of responsibility within an organisation. This expression is becoming common in technologically-based companies throughout the world, including Spain.

2 Zaragoza, M; Colomé, M (2012) Competències Directives (Executive Skills). Barcelona: UOC Business School.