Frequently Asked Candidate Questions

What is the Female Executive / Board Member Database Platform?

It is a portal where candidates can demonstrate, through a competency certification process, that they have a suitable profile to take on a position as an executive and/or board member.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up on the Platform
  2. Fill out all the obligatory information, or in other words, your key competency CV.
  3. Send it in.
  4. We will call you to schedule a 2-hour interview with a talent management expert.
  5. The expert will conduct an interview to you to justify your competencies and outline a plan to improve them.
  6. You will have a period of time so as to make the modifications raised in the interview.
  7. Once the modifications have been made, you resend us your CV.
  8. The expert will review your modified CV.
  9. We will send you an email with the results of the certification process (Certified or Not Certified).

What are competencies?

We define the career competency concept as the set of integrated skills where knowledge, abilities, aptitudes and attitudes all come into play when carrying out a specific professional or career activity

What competencies are certified?

Certified competencies are divided into two subgroups:

  • Knowledge and experience: the knowledge, education and experience necessary to develop one’s career. For example: knowledge of economics and finance, experience in strategic resources. Recognised knowledge of a specific socio-cultural context as requisites for operating within a social or business domain. For example: general knowledge of the business sector and technological expertise.
  • Competencies: a wide-ranging set of interacting abilities, aptitudes or attitudes employed when faced with a variety of business situations of different degrees of complexity. Divided into three subgroups: identification, interrelations and confrontment. For example: self-awareness, communication and emotional management.

What profiles are certified?

What does certification consist of?

The certification of one’s career profile as to being capable of holding an executive and/or board member position is a painstaking process that ensures a candidate’s skill-set is best suited to the ideal career profile of a possible executive and board member.

The competency certification process consists of validating one’s CV.

Who is this intended for?

Those women intending to occupy a position in the governing bodies of different types of business and organisations.

To those companies intending to appoint female executives or board members to their decision-making bodies who have an optimal profile for the position.

Why was the Platform created?

Boards of directors and management structures do need to be overhauled in the name of justice and equality, but most of all it is a question of matter of efficiency, effectiveness, economic profitability and values.

Companies having a higher percentage of female participation on their executive boards and teams have better economic earnings, because women are excellent managers and tend to have long-term vision. In addition, they bring new values to the table in terms of relationships, cooperation and collaboration.

How can I access/sign on to the Platform?

At register form

What information do companies have access to?

Companies can access your CV in terms of your key competencies.

How can I address my concerns and questions?

Candidates can reach the ODEE through the contact form found on the Platform, or by email at or phoning 902 448 448 ext. 5483.

What do I stand to gain?

  • Self-awareness of the skills and know-how of women.
  • Possibility of further developing your competencies on a practical level through seminars, conferences, etc.
  • Recognition of the validity of your CV by the Chamber of Commerce, through a process of certification.
  • Increased opportunities of being selected and having better career visibility.
  • Access to the public and private business platform.
  • Forming part of a network that provides feedback.

This is an innovative process of personal awareness and self-diagnosis of one’s talent, allowing for a personal and professional transformation and get the best out of each individual.

How long does the certification process take?

Thus far, the process has taken at least 45 days on average and no longer than 65 days. Nevertheless, the ODEE makes resources available to the user in order to accelerate the process.

What types of resources does the Platform offer?

  • User information
  • Methodology
  • Executive and/or board member competency map
  • Sample Competency CV
  • Quick guide
  • Face-to-face support sessions

What are the objectives of the Platform?

  • Ensure the best possible match between the competency assets of female candidates and the requirements of the organisations seeking them out.
  • Bringing value to women’s competency assets, acquired both in formal and non-formal situations, particularly emotional intelligence.
  • Having access to the best talent through equal opportunities and team diversity.
  • Boosting companies’ competitiveness through the participation of young, talented, innovative and creative individuals.
  • Change the culture in certain companies based on obsolete criteria, such as age and gender-based recruitment policies.